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Broke Baller Bangin Blueberry 80ml

Bangin Blueberry By Broke Baller is another all day classic, bursting with the fruity flavour of ripe summer blueberries. Frumist created a succulent E-liquid featuring freshly picked and crushed sweet blueberries blended and infused to create a flavourful but smooth fruity concoction.

Bangin Blueberry 80ml Shortfill E Liquid with the fruity flavour of ripe summer blueberries. It is available as 80ml e-liquid in a 120ml stubby chubby gorilla bottle.

Bangin Blueberry is a 50:50 VG:PG e-liquid,  Available as 50ml of e-liquid in a 60ml shortfill bottle, there’s room to add a 40ml nic shots of your choice. Adding 2 x 18mg, 10ml nicotine shots will create 100ml of 3mg e-liquid, or upto 4 x 18mg nic shots to take the nicotine content upto 6mg if required.


Broke Baller Black Ice 80ml

Black ice 80ml shortfill E liquid is a mixture of Blackcurrant with Eucalyptus. It is prepared with an iced mint that gives an excellent refreshing experience. Its fragrance is the cherry on the cake and its main highlight that pull users towards it.

Its fragrance is so sharp that it’s hard to get out of your clutch. Running parallel to its aroma, An unforgettable taste so fresh you’ll believe you’ve just placed a handful of blackcurrants in your mouth.




Broke Baller Blackcurrant 80ml

Blackcurrant By Broke Baller is a refreshingly fruity blackcurrant, Tangy yet sweet, bursting with flavour. This Eliquid is in a 50:50 VG/PG ratio, with only the best flavours being combined.

Broke Baller Blackcurrant joins the line up of all day classic, bursting with bitter sweet blackcurrant flavours.

Blackcurrant is available as a 80ml shortfill Chubby Gorilla bottle with the capacity for 4 x nic shots to create 120ml 6mg liquid. Add 2 x 18mg nic shots for 3mg or 4 x 18mg nic shots for 6mg.

If you’re a Broke Baller, don’t worry about price, this is an all day vape.


Broke Baller Pear Drops 80ml

Pear Drops By Broke Baller is a traditional taste of hard boiled pear sweets, a distinctive yet familiar taste to bring back those childhood memories.

Broke Baller Strawi 80ml

Strawi By Broke Baller is the taste of juicy strawberries combined with tart kiwi to give you a sweet and sour sensation with every vape.